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The Calm Before the Storm

It's been a beautiful day here in New Smyrna Beach. A little on the breezy side but other than that, a rather nice first day of September. How deceiving the weather can be. That satellite image was taken right around noon our time. What a monster Dorian has turned into. Sustained winds over 185 mphs. That's just insane!

I hope everyone fares well. Right now they are still calling for it to miss Florida and swing north towards the Carolinas. But computer models never know for sure what is going to happen. If Dorian decides to take a vacation in Florida, we better be ready.

We have our generators fueled up and food and water stocked. There is still work to do around the property like taking down wind chimes, securing trash cans, removing tent canopies, etc. We'll batten down the hatches as best we can and hope for the best.

I wanted to thank everyone that came out last night for the Fast CAT Camp. We had a good turnout. Other than a little sprinkle that lasted about 5 minutes, it was a pleasant night for running dogs.

Right now I haven't decided whether we will be having the Camp next Saturday. If Dorian spares Volusia county from its path of destruction, we might go for it but I'm going to wait and see what happens. There is a good chance that we will skip a week so people can get their lives in order after the fallout.

Maria will blast something out on the usual communication media later in the week. Until then, keep thinking positive thoughts. Maybe we can protect ourselves with a giant dome of positive energy. Be safe everyone!



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