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Smart Dog



We engage in public education anytime we talk with someone about the sport or welfare of purebred dogs or take a minute to teach a child how to pet a dog correctly. Public education has many faces. Some clubs dedicate time and resources to one large event, such as an all-breed fair with vendors, exhibitions and demonstrations of AKC-sanctioned sports. Other clubs may visit dozens of elementary schools and make presentations dog-related information(we bring our dogs ) to hundreds of school children. And some clubs may host a Web site with detailed information about the training, care and behavior of purebred dogs.

Public education is how we, as members of the fancy, educate others about our sport and its importance to us. By promoting responsible dog ownership in our community, we help guarantee the future of the sport.


Public Eduction Coordinator

Cathy Driggers


Invite a Canine Ambassador

to make a presentation to your class or group today! Canine Ambassadors are AKC-affiliated club members who make classroom presentations to children about responsible dog ownership, canine safety and a wealth of other topics. The Canine Ambassador usually makes presentations with an AKC-registered purebred dog.

Ambassadors work with a teacher or youth group leader to tailor presentations to best meet the needs of the children. Presentations are made in classrooms, auditoriums or gymnasiums. Depending on weather conditions, Ambassadors may also hold outside presentations.

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