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Summertime in Florida

We have 5 days until the first sanctioned night Fast CAT in Florida happens! Our July 6th event got rained out. We rescheduled the event for the 3rd of August.Gates open at 7pm, running of dogs at 8pm till 10pm or longer if needed, Day of registration will be accepted. Location: 875 Tater road New Smyrna beach, Fl, In a break from tradition, the folks that entered in advance weren't just SOL as far as the entry fee. They all received a credit for another WVKC sanctioned Fast CAT event held at the Dog Sports Unlimited facility. It didn't seem right to take everyone's money and say tough luck. And since this is a permanent facility, we can just reschedule and do it another day. Of course, there were a couple folks that couldn't make the rain date. No worries, they still have credit for one WVKC FCAT event held here in the future. Just trying to treat people the way I would like to be treated.

As for the treatment I've been receiving from Mother Nature lately, I would appreciate it if she rained a little less often! We've gotten a lot of rain over the past two weeks. I'd hate to have everyone sloshing around out here with their galoshes on. We had to cancel one of the FCAT Camps because we got so much water the night before. The track fairs well with the rain but parking cars can become and issue. I don't want my property to turn into the New Smyrna Mud Racing Track.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed that we don't get a lot of rain this week. Seems there is more than heat to beat during the summertime in Florida...

Last night I had everything lit up and the PA system going. All systems were a go! It's amazing how bright those LED rope lights are. The track looks awesome with all the lights on. I still have to figure out how to get the all-seeing eye on top of the roof. That's today's big challenge.

Maria has arranged for Kona Ice to come out with their food truck so there will be refreshments available. Greg Zahornaky will be providing the MC talent.

We're going to have a little fun with this Fast CAT. There will be music and play-by-play. Greg will be announcing the dogs as they enter the track. The dogs are going to feel like superstars here at DSU! Plus it makes it easier for people watching the event to know what kind of dog is running. He should also be able to announce the times. The goal is to bring more people into the sport and to do that you have to make it more spectator friendly. Hopefully, Greg will be able to accomplish that.

If you are running for a title, let us know so we can share that with the rest of the folks. It's always fun to get a little recognition for those kind of moments. The idea is for everyone to have fun - dogs and people. Let's see how much fun we all can have.

I'll see you at the event!


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