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Membership Dues (Associate)

Membership Dues (Associate)

Associate Member
Associate membership is open to any person over the age of eighteen (18) in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribes to the purposes of this Club. An associate membership is recommended for individuals who do not anticipate regular attendance at meetings or other Club events. An Associate Member shall receive the Newsletter, may be published in the FAKC Breeders Directory, may serve on committees, however, in non-voting, advisory capacities only, and may participate in all Club activities. An Associate Member may not vote or hold office.


A member will be considered as lapsed and automatically terminated if such member’s dues remain unpaid ninety (90) days after the first day of the fiscal year (July 1); however, the Board may grant an additional ninety (90) days of grace to such delinquent members in meritorious cases. In no case may a person be entitled to vote whose dues are unpaid as of the date of that meeting.


Price of the membership fee includes a 5% convenience fee for paying online. You may instead use a check or cash and the price will be $25.

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