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Fast CAT comes to WVKC

Updated: May 29, 2019

After months and months of blood, sweat, tears, and a good bit of money, my Fast CAT track is finally ready for action. Maria and I have been running our dogs and I can't tell you how great it feels to see them go sprinting down the track. Also, it's a good thing we lit the track because, let me tell you, it gets hot out there during the day! We've had exceptionally hot and dry weather and it's nice to be able to wait till the sun goes down to bring out the dogs. Not only does the track look very cool all lit up, it allows us to run the dogs after the sun goes down and the temps are less oppressive. It's much easier on the dogs and the people accompanying them.

I've invited a number of people to join us this Saturday night, June 1 at the DSU facility and help us christen our track. I'm very much looking forward to giving people an opportunity to experience a coursing event. Some people might be chasing points and titles. Others may be looking for a way to let their dog exercise. Still others might just be wanting to let their dog have fun. With AKC Fast CAT, you can do all that at the same time. That's the second reason I love FCAT. The first is purely selfish - I just love to see dogs flying across a field. Even if it's just for 100 yards, it's still amazing!

So hopefully everyone will have a great night and go home glad they came out to play with their dogs. That's what Maria and I are hoping for.

I'll also be reminding everyone about the FCAT Camp starting July 5th. Camp will be every Friday night (unless cancelled due to weather) starting at 8:00 PM and going until 10:00 PM. (This ain't your grandmother's club anymore!)

The charge is $50. If you want to bring more than one dog the charge will be an additional $25 per dog. We've capped camp enrollment at 20 to make sure everyone gets plenty of time on the track.

One thing I think I should mention. It was decided that club members won't have to pay for the camp. Only stipulation is you can only bring one dog at a time. If you want to run four different dogs over the course of the four week camp, that's perfectly fine but you can only run one dog per session. That's a nice perk for members that have FCAT dogs. And for non-members, it's an excellent reason to join the club. The cost to join the club is $35.

Here's a shot of the track looking from the end to the beginning. The only thing it's missing is a dog hurtling down the track towards you!

Hope to see all of you at the track.

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