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Construction on the Dark Tower Begins

One of the lessons learned from our FCAT Fun Night was the lure operator needed a better vantage point from which to observe the action on the track. That means a tower needed to be built. Not one for doing things half way, I opted to built a tower that would be worthy to sit next to my lovely track. Enter Barad-Dur!

The lure operator will have the best seat in the house. It will have a deck measuring 10' x 8' that will be about 4.5 feet off the ground. It'll even have a roof over it. That should put my feet just about at fence top level. I'll have no problem seeing the lure for the entire length of the track - even at night!

Under the floor of the tower will be another partial deck for the lure machine and header system. The tower will also have a PA system on it as well as some custom art work that will explain why my tower will be named after Sauron's home in the Lord of the Rings. I have a thing for the LOTR. Those that came out for the fun night might have noticed my Witch King of Angmar fire ring. I have another fire ring that will be decorating my tower. It has some similarities to the image in this post. You'll just have to come out to see it to fully understand. Of course, that means I have to do all the work required to make that happen. That will give me something to do for the next few weekends. If nothing else, it keeps me out of trouble.

One last teaser. There will be an extra feature on display for the FCAT event coming up in July. I wanted to make the lure bags really stand out. At first I thought about flood lights spaced out down the track but that kind of defeats the red lighting effect. One of the photographers I work with suggested something I wouldn't have thought of. It was a brilliant suggestion. Now you'll have to come out for the event to see what his suggestion was. It's going to be totally killer!

The posts went in the ground today. Big shout out to my wife for helping with that! It's never easy putting 4" x 6" x 12' posts in the ground all by yourself. She made the job much easier. Once the concrete sets, I can begin building my mini Barad-Dur!

And then nothing will escape my gaze!

Mu-haha, mu-hahaha, mu-hahahaha.....!

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